How To Use Poker Tournament Strategy To Win Sit N Go’s

How To Use Poker Tournament Strategy To Win Sit N Go’s

In this article I will give you my best poker tournament strategy help for playing in Sit N Go’s. There are many different forms of Sit N Go’s including exclusive Sit N Go’s and multi-table Sit N Go’s. All of these are very profitable and they require a lot of skill and experience to produce profit.

Here I will list off the 5 most important skills or poker tournament strategy that you need to improve to become a profitable poker player.

  1. Start Early and Build Your Bankroll

This is the number one mistake that you will makeconsequently playing in Sit N Go’s. Most players start playing Sit N Go’s online, and lose quickly and lose their whole deposit.

That is if they are playing cash games for the first time. Mistakes like this will chew a huge hole right through your bankroll and pretty soon it will become nothing except dust.

The fact is that the best way to build your bankroll is through ring games. Many players start playing ring games with a small buy-in and quickly turn into losing players. The reason this happens is that sit and go’s only payout the top 3 places. When you play a Sit N Go’s the “boom” or more traffic means that you can easily loose up to 10% of your stack in one hand. Needless to say, it is much easier to lose all your chips in a ring game than it is in a tournament.

Primetime Sit N Go’s such as Sunday Nightlied, holdem smooth, and bluffs pay out in a much quicker fashion than Sit N Go’s such as turbo, super turbo, and satellite. Tournament traffic is fairly light most of the time, which means that if you do not have the best poker tournament strategy going for you, you are most likely going to lose.

  1. Lose, Lose, and Lose

If you keep playing in Sit N Go’s that don’t quite fit your skill set and bankroll then you will surely lose. Not that I am saying you can’t win, but you will probably be floundered and have a lot of fun in the process.

The best poker tournament strategy to have is one that will keep you young. If you are waiting around to get good cards, or you are getting older and not finding the best poker cards, then you can’t win. You need to move out there and get some experience under your belt. Most of the time you can find cheap buy in Sit N Go’s or freerolls and you can win money with them. That is what I do.

  1. Don’t worry about being a pain and take some of the money.

When you are taking part in a poker tournament you need to focus on the goal, which is bringing the most amount of money out of the tournament as possible. It does not matter if you are paying a small buy-in, or a small tournament fee. Focus on your goal and once you get a little experience and become fairly good, then you can take a small slice of the money that you would have lost and win some more.

If you are having a bad run of cards, and you have over 50 big blinds in your bankroll, then you need to move out of the tournament and move on to another one. Move out of the tournament when you are losing and move back in when you are winning. Craps is a game of streaks. You need to have some down streaks and some up streaks. You need to ride your wave and ride your luck. As the tournament progresses your bankroll will go up and you will be up, just like that.

Move from mega88 games to tournaments and play a variety of poker games. You will still need to work on your poker tournament strategy and keep learning and improving your skills.

If you are broke just move to a freeroll tournament and play some 20c Sit N Go’s (son of tournaments, not cash games). Sit N Go’s are good exercise for your mind and you can play lots of poker. They can get boring after a while but are a great mental exercise. You can’t win them all, but you can definitely lose a lot if you don’t work on your Sit N Go skills.