Let’s Hit That Lotto Jackpot

Let’s Hit That Lotto Jackpot

Belgian Lotto is one of the games owned and handled by Loterie Nationale. Basically, this game is played by choosing six numbers from 1 to 50 and winning tickets will be drawn two times a week; every Wednesdays and Saturdays. This kind of game was introduced when the Belgian government authorized the organization of the Colonial Lottery to organize games in order to gain profit and fund for the Colonial Treasury for the Home Land Welfare of Congo. Colonial Lottery was start of the lottery in the year 1820 in the name of easterly diamonds. Since then this lottery is played every Saturday. It is played with the numbers 1 to 50 and the sets of these numbers are called the “premiers.”

There are two kinds of bets available for this game. There are the straight bets and the 6-Way number bets. When betting on the straight numbers, if your chosen set is drawn for a third time then you will be hit the jackpot prize which is entitled to you. In case you chose the 6-Way number bets then you will win the jackpot prize if your number set is drawn for its third time. This can happen if your number set is drawn for the third time in a row or if it is drawn for its second time in a while.

Whenever you bet on the Belgian Lotto, it is important to increase your chances of winning. You may think it is an easy game but still there are some statistics and information that you need to consider. The first thing, always choose 5-out-of-70 numbers as your number combination’s because it increases your chances of winning the game.

In choosing the number combinations, always be sure to vary your numbers. Try to choose 30 numbers instead of 23 if you have a choice. Numbers in most cases never exceed the total sum of 71.

The second thing is to be sure that the numbers have high possibility of being drawn. In other words, stay away from the numbers that are the least picked from the previous draws. It is extremely rare for numbers to be drawn twice on a particular draw.

You can also use the Naga303 method of choosing your own number combination. In doing so, you can at least make sure that your chosen numbers have a high chance of being drawn. In using this method, you can at least make sure that you are not wasting your money on a useless number. As far as saving your money is concerned, you can always split your money in two, betting on 2 numbers instead of one number.

The third strategy on how to pick winning lottery numbers is to make sure that you are playing your chosen numbers as they were drawn and not as picked by the lottery machine. The machine may be loosed, but what is important is that the numbers you have chosen are the ones that were drawn.

There is a high possibility that the machine will be unable to select your number if it has already been drawn. In choosing your number, you must consider this possibility, too.

The fourth strategy on how to pick winning lottery numbers is to choose 3 easy numbers instead of 4 hard or multiple numbers. There are times that 5 hard numbers are drawn as well.

The fifth strategy on how to pick winning lottery numbers is to know when you have to stop playing a particular number. It is usual to be addicted to lottery games and to continue playing until your last dollar is gone. This may damage your chances of winning the game. So, you need to stop immediately or take a break.